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LendingClub to Cut 12% of Its Workforce as Loan Volumes Fall

ENLARGE Lendingclub’s shares have depressed about 60% this year. Photo: Richard Drew/Associated Press By Peter Rudegeair Peter Rudegeair The Wall Street Journal CANCEL Biography @rudegeair Updated Jun 28, 2016 9:32 p.m. ET 6 COMMENTS Online lender LendingClub Corp. LC 7.21 % denounced new responses to a unemployment in a business Tuesday, restricting investors from […]

How to Transfer Money Between 529 College-Savings Accounts

I have mixed grandchildren, any with a 529 college-savings account. My oldest grandson is about to start college in a fall, and I’d like to send some income from another grandchild’s comment into his. Can we switch income from one grandchild’s comment to another, and are there any taxation consequences or penalties? See Also: 529 […]

Brexit Vote Roils Real-Estate Markets

ENLARGE Green Street Advisors estimates that weakening direct will pull London bureau values down by 15% to 20% over about 18 months. Shown, a Canary Wharf financial district in London. Photo: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg News By Art Patnaude and Art Patnaude The Wall Street Journal CANCEL Biography @artpatnaude Google+ Peter Grant Jun 28, 2016 4:46 […]

Can Seattle Use Pot Taxes to Help a Homeless?

The city estimates it will accept $700,000 in cannabis taxation income this year. After dual years of authorised cannabis sales, Washington State has collected $230,063,875 in pot dig taxes, according to This exceeds projections by utterly a bit—nearly twice as much, or $34 million, in a initial year of sales alone. In Aurora, Colorado, officials […]

Feeling Poor Doesn't Stop Once You Make Money

From a day we got my initial pursuit as a transport pusher during Walmart, we spent years vital from one paycheck to a next. we hovered around a misery line, anticipating that we would final until subsequent month’s rent. At a time it felt normal. It wasn’t until after we started creation some-more income that […]

Ex-ballers to NBA stars: Don't let RE investors fraud you

Ex-ballers to NBA stars: Don’t let RE investors fraud you Danny Granger and Devean George spoke during players’ symposium June 28, 2016 08:00AMBy Konrad Putzier From left: David Eyzenberg, Devean George and Danny Granger In his final year in a NBA, Danny Granger took home some-more income from his genuine estate investments than he did […]

196 US Cities, Ranked Best to Worst For Your Retirement

When we retire, you’ll wish to spend your days vital in a city you’ll love. This large draft compares 196 cities opposite 8 opposite categories to arrange those cities formed on how good they are for retirees. The chart, from financial recommendation site Bankrate, compares U.S. cities formed on some flattering extended categories including cost […]

Hospital stays tip $1200 out-of-pocket even with insurance, U-M investigate finds

ANN ARBOR, MI – Even if we have what we competence consider of as good health insurance, your subsequent sanatorium stay could cost some-more than $1,200 out of your pocket, University of Michigan researchers say. That volume has left adult neatly in new years, rising some-more than 37 percent only for candid sanatorium stays for […]

LendingClub Says Ex-CEO, Family Took Out Loans to Boost Volumes

ENLARGE Lendingclub’s shares have depressed 61% this year. Photo: Richard Drew/Associated Press By Peter Rudegeair and Peter Rudegeair The Wall Street Journal CANCEL Biography @rudegeair Austen Hufford Austen Hufford The Wall Street Journal CANCEL Biography @austenhufford austen.hufford Updated Jun 28, 2016 9:41 a.m. ET 0 COMMENTS Online lender LendingClub Corp pronounced Tuesday that […]

People Who Value Time Over Money Are Happier

Money can indeed buy happiness, though that doesn’t meant income is everything. A new investigate found that people who value time over income tend to be happier.… We told we about a 2010 investigate that found a link between complacency and salary. The investigate found that “as people acquire some-more money, their complacency rises,” […]

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